Paths and Walkways

The team at Curtis Cambridge Ltd. are specialists in all aspects of installment and refurbishment of surfacing for paths and walkways across Cambridgeshire.

If you are in the market for an upgrade at your property, whether you are a homeowner or business owner, then you have certainly come to the right place. Our team of professionals are here to offer you the highest quality surfaces. We can install or refurbish paths and walkways in homes, car parks, waterways, parks, heritage sites, cycle paths, pavements, holiday parks and more. Each of the decorative walkway surfaces we install is available in a bespoke design and a range of colour options. This allows you to have a customised pathway surface which fits with any existing design themes.

Surface Dressing for Paths and Walkways

Surface Dressing is cost effective way of improving the properties of a path or walkway in many ways, including the skid resistance, drainage and aesthetics. Available in a range of thickness and colours with our most popular being the gravel or granite, also offered in a range of decorative stone chippings. An excellent choice for wheelchair access, surface dressing offers an anti-slip surface and can be coloured to indicate separate areas for pedestrians or bikes and wheelchair users.

Tarmac Surfaces for paths and walkways

When it comes to surfacing options that offer the best value for money, it is hard to beat tarmac. Our tarmac surfacing solutions are extremely durable, resist impact, non-slip and is also a porous paving option which means that the surface will not puddle in wet weather conditions. You will also benefit from a quick installation process with minimum disruption. Tarmac can be also be laid in a range of colours. Once laid, tarmac surfacing will be very easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about constant upkeep as the material is durable and reliable. We can also install tarmac play surfaces using matching colours.

Why Have a Pathway or Patio?

In recent years, Pathways and Patios are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. They come with a whole host of advantages that include:

Accessibility – If you’re looking for a convenient and safe way to make your way through a garden, or outdoor area, Curtis Surfacing can provide beautiful pathways or patios. With the creation of easy access to various parts of the landscape, helps individuals move through the garden without walking over and ruining plants, flowers, or grass.

Raise in Aesthetics – Pathways and Patios that are properly installed have a beautiful finish which, if properly maintained, can last the whole year through. The installation of these features to your garden or outdoor space can dramatically increase the aesthetical appeal of your property. They can be used to define certain areas or add dimensions to your landscape. Various materials can be used such as bricks, pavers, or stones which can contribute to the overall design and finish.  

Functionality – The addition of Pathways or Patios allows functional space to be created for a variety of activities or events. The two can be used to connect to one another for example, a pathway can lead from indoors to the patio in the garden.

Durability & Maintenance – Paths and Patios can be made with extremely durable materials such as concrete or stone. This is to allow it to withstand heavy footfall along with the unpredictable British weather conditions. Minimal maintenance is needed such as cleaning and the occasional repairs as and when needed. With the right maintenance, the Pathway or Patio can last for many years.

Increase in Safety – When traveling through the garden or outdoor space, Pathways, and Patios provide a level surface to walk on and not lose balance. This, therefore, reduces the risk of accidents and potential injury. Alongside this, by providing a pathway through the garden, it directs people away from plants and flowers, therefore, keeping your garden/outdoor space looking pretty.

Increased Property Value – If the Pathway and Patio is properly looked after and cared for, it can potentially enhance the value of the property. These features are desirable and many home buyers will be drawn to your property because it contains these beautiful features.


If you have an idea for a walkway or path and need some advice do not hesitate to give Curtis Cambridge a call. We are a reputable company with all the necessary skills and equipment needed to provide you with a full range of surfacing solutions and services. Call today on 01954 58 38 19