Commercial Resurfacing

Curtis Surfacing Provide professional and expert commercial surfacing services in the Cambridgeshire Area.
We offer a variety of different surfacing options, so whatever you need for your commercial surfacing service, our experts will complete the job to a high standard.

Road Resurfacing in Cambridge

When customers, staff, directors, inspectors and more arrive at your premises, the first thing they see is the road leading up to your premises or the forefront or carpark outside. Surfaces that are littered with cracks and potholes will create a bad first impression. At Curtis Cambridge Ltd our commercial surfacing services will restore these surfaces in the most cost-effective way and within a timescale to cause as little disruption as possible to your business.


What we can do for you?

 At Curtis Surfacing, our team is made up of trained and experienced experts who are well-informed in the latest tried and tested techniques. Thanks to our specialist fleet of vehicles and equipment, we can complete each service swiftly, efficiently and to an excellent standard. From filling in potholes to laying a new surface, you can expect outstanding results when you choose our commercial surfacing services. With a wealth of knowledge to call upon, we will meet your commercial surfacing service requirements with a selection of options that include:

What are the Different Types of Commercial Resurfacing?

There are many different options available when completing commercial resurfacing and they all have their benefits, this gives you the pros to choose which method suits your surfacing needs the best. The different types of commercial surfacing and their benefits are:

• Concrete Resurfacing – Enhanced appearance, Cost-effective, Durability, Easy repairs, Increased safety, Easy maintenance

• Asphalt Resurfacing – Increased aesthetics, High functionality, Cost-effective, High durability, Quick installation, Sustainable, Improved drainage

• Wood Floor Resurfacing – High aesthetics, Cost-effective, Long lifespan, High durable, Enhanced safety, Versatile, Low to maintenance

• Sports Field Surfacing – Enhanced performance, Increased safety & injury prevention, Durable, Consistent/all-weather playing conditions, Low maintenance, Customisation

What are the Benefits of Commercial Resurfacing?

Commercial resurfacing is extremely beneficial when it comes to restoring and updating the appearance of various surfaces within commercial areas. Some of the many benefits of commercial resurfacing include:

• Cost-Effectiveness – When it comes to restoring, refurbishing, or altering the appearance of a commercial area, resurfacing is the cheaper option compared to completely replacing the surface. The cost of materials and labour required for a full replacement can raise the overall price whereas resurfacing is an effective, attractive option for businesses looking to improve the space without blowing your budget.

• Time Efficiency – Resurfacing is a quicker option when it comes to the restoration of a commercial space. Compared to a complete replacement, resurfacing is quick and easy and therefore a better option.

• Minimal Disruption – With this method being quicker, this means that the amount of disruption when completing the work is minimal. Businesses have no need to close during this work, this is highly beneficial for businesses that never close and therefore cannot afford extended interruptions.

commercial surfacing

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Our team at Curtis Surfacing Limited offers a range of services as well as Commercial Resurfacing,  such as:

•Tarmac & Resin Driveways •Paths & Walkways •Surface Dressing •Car Parks & Forecourts •Asphalt & Tarmac Laying •Roads & Kerbing 

If you would like to know more, get in touch with us today! A member of our professional, friendly, helpful team are always on hand to offer their advice and expertise to help you choose the right method for your project.